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Yield: approximately 250 g worth of gumpaste

7 g unflavored gelatin powder
35 ml cold water
210 g powdered sugar

  • Combine the gelatin powder and cold water in a heat proof container, and allow to rest for about 3 minutes or until the gelatin looks plump (this process is called blooming the gelatin).
  • Place the container containing the bloomed gelatin on top of simmering water, and stir the gelatin until it has melted.
  • Put the powdered sugar on a clean table. Make a well on the center of the powdered sugar, and pour the melted gelatin into the well.
  • Slowly incorporate the powdered sugar and the gelatin until it forms into a mass.
  • Knead the gumpaste until smooth and pliable.
  • Add your desired color. If you don't intend to use it yet, store in an airtight container.
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