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Toffee used in banoffee pie; I added 50 ml more cream to the recipe to get a thinner consistency
Yield: 300 ml

200 g sugar
28 g unsalted butter
80 ml heavy cream

  • Melt sugar in a heavy sauce pan until it turns into a nice caramel amber color.
  • Immediately add the butter while swirling the pan.
  • Once the butter has completely melted, remove off heat.
  • Add the cream while stirring continuously with a spoon. Be careful at this stage as the addition of the cream will agitate the caramel, making it give a harsh bubbly sound and might spat a bit.
  • You can use toffee immediately or let it cool first before using; it all depends on what you are going to use the toffee for.
*This toffee recipe is thick in consistency. To make the consistency thinner, add another 50 ml of cream to the recipe.

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